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Jarritos Tamarind Tamarindo Soda 12.5oz Glass Bottle

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Product Description

Jarritos Tamarind Tamarindo Soda comes in a 12.5 fl oz glass bottle with the classic Jarritos label.

The liquid has bright, tiny sparkling bubbles and a soft tamarind smell. It tastes slightly syrupy of tamarind and lime twist.

In summary, Jarritos Tamarind Tamarindo Soda:

  • has bright sparkling bubbles
  • has a tamarind aroma
  • tastes of tamarind with a twist of lime

It pairs well with Latin fare, chili, and other heavily spiced, braised meats. It's also an all-time favorite with kids. Try Jarritos Tamarind Tamarindo Soda today!

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