BAWLS Guarana

BAWLS Guarana

BAWLS Energy Drink is named for the “bouncy” feeling it gives. The beverage was designed in the 90’s by Hoby Buppert for a class project during his last year of college. Buppert wanted an alternative to coffee, and successfully created this non-alcoholic concoction. It wasn’t long before BAWLS Guarana became an established company in Texas.

The BAWLS team works hard to create a caffeinated soda that provides that boost of energy coffee gives, without the jittery feelings. They do so by creating the only North American soda that’s flavored with guarana, a flower native to the Amazon Basin that has a seed / berry chocked full of caffeine. The berry allows the carbonated drink to contain natural caffeine three times stronger than regular sodas. BAWLS bottles have a caffeine content of 64 mg per 10 ounces, while the 16-ounce cans have a caffeine content of 102 mg.

The original BAWLS Guarana Energy Drink is known for its classic, blue bottle aesthetic. Although aluminum cans are also an option, many collect the glass bottles to enjoy their award-winning packaging.  BAWLS Energy Drink has a delicious, citrus creme taste, but most of the brew’s smooth flavor is simply indescribable. Alongside BAWLS Original, other flavors of BAWLS soda include BAWLS Cherry, BAWLS Orange, and BAWLS Root Beer. Another option is BAWLS Exxtra, which is not only sugar-free, but also contains 50% extra caffeine at 89mg per 10 ounces. If drinks aren’t enough however, the company has even created BAWLS caffeinated mints.

Although the independent American company is now headquartered in Twinsburg, Ohio, BAWLS annually visits Dallas, Texas as the official energy drink sponsor for QuakeCon, the largest BYOC (Bring Your Own Computer) convention in North America. There, the BAWLS team hosts a chugging contest where the winner is determined by who chugs a can of BAWLS Original in the least amount of time. The company is widely popular in the gaming community, making appearances in shows such as The Big Bang Theory and Silicon Valley. As an entrepreneur, Hoby Buppert aims to appeal to these specific audiences rather than mass-marketing.

The BAWLS Guarana company, manufactured by Solvi Acquisition, continues to be a running business, with its products available at numerous locations. A BAWLS Energy Drink Store Locator is provided on the company’s main website, For those who can’t find a case of BAWLS in their town and want to know where to buy BAWLS online, you can now do so at our very own Specialty Sodas site. BAWLS’s success in becoming a pioneer to the energy drink industry has not gone unnoticed, as many still strive to get their hands on that renowned guarana berry today.

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