Columbia Soda Works Sarsaparilla Soda 12oz Glass Bottle

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Columbia Soda Works Sarsaparilla Soda comes in a 12 fl oz glass bottle with a 1960's hippie style in it orange and yellow label.

The liquid is a dark, warm brown color with light bubbly consistency. It smells of obvious woodsy sarsaparilla and root beer with a hint of pine barrels. Taste it and discover rooted sarsaparilla rounded out by strong caramelization and an earthy cacao undertone. This is an old-fashioned flavor for anyone desiring tradition.

In summary, Columbia Soda Works Sarsaparilla Soda:

  • smells of woodsy sarsaparilla, root beer, and a hint of pine barrels
  • has light bubbly consisitency
  • tastes of rooted sarsaparilla, caramelization, and cacao

It pairs well with grilled ham accompanied by cranberry sauce as well as garlic Texas toast. Try Columbia Soda Works Sarsaparilla Soda today!

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