Frizz Coffee

Frizz Coffee

Founded in 2011, Frizz Coffee is a product of importer and distributor Maven Distribution. Maven is a division of Unico Imports LLC, which imports consumable European products to the U.S. Although the Frizz Coffee warehouse is in Portland, Oregon, the main office where owner & president Matthew Raymond works from is in Lynnwood, Washington. Frizz, a carbonated coffee drink produced in southern Italy, was first introduced to the U.S. in 2012.

An espresso coffee soda may sound strange at first, but the idea has been rapidly growing in popularity. One appeal of Frizz is that it is made with clean ingredients: Water, Coffee, Pure Cane Sugar, Carbon Dioxide and Caramel Coloring. It is also pasteurized, so it can last two years after its manufactured date. Despite its simplicity, Frizz offers rich and complex flavors sure to satisfy taste buds. Fans claim the sweet bubbly espresso is a must-try, as the possibilities it offers are endless.

It's already delicious when had on its own right out of the soda bottle, but Frizz is also used in countless quality recipes. It can be mixed with spirits or even poured over ice cream, creating a wondrous ice cream coffee float. The company’s website,, provides a few espresso drink recipes to try. Frizz customers have come up with many creative coffee drinks, but we encourage you to try concocting your own frozen coffee drink or cocktail!

Frizz Coffee can be found at demos in local supermarkets or events such as the Portland Coffee Fest. For those who have trouble figuring out where to buy Frizz at a store, you can also buy soda online at our Specialty Sodas website. If you’re a fan of chilled coffee drinks, Frizz Coffee soda may be the one for you.

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