Ginseng Up

Ginseng Up

The Ginseng Up Corporation was created in 1981, and its bottling plant resides in Massachusetts. The company’s founders wanted to bring the beneficial root of ginseng to consumers in a convenient way. They decided to craft it into a soda, using triple-filtered water and high-quality ingredients. In order to offer a great-tasting beverage, they chose the finest Korean ginseng, and Ginseng Up Original came to life.

Ginseng is an herbal ingredient that has traditionally been used to boost energy, improve memory, and soothe stress. For centuries, Chinese and Korean ginseng tea has been used to balance the body. However, this is the beginning of the presence of this little root in carbonated beverages. While other soda brands use caffeine and artificial sugar to provide energy, Ginseng Up sodas contain no preservatives or high fructose corn syrup. They are not shy about their ingredients, as their website will tell you exactly which of their flavors do include artificial coloring.

Ginseng Up claims they constantly develop their flavors, and their current line does offer many types of sodas. Their soda list contains two different categories: “Originals” and “American Classics”. The “Originals”, which come in stout 12 oz glass bottles, include Ginseng Up Original, Ginseng Up Calamansi Mint, Ginseng Up Apple, Ginseng Up Orange, Ginseng Up Lemon Lime, Ginseng Up Grape, Ginseng Up Ginger, Ginseng Up Ginger Brew, Ginseng Up Mango, Ginseng Up Cola, Ginseng Up Pineapple, and Ginseng Up Kola Champagne. The “Classics”, which come in leaner 12 oz bottles, include American Classics Ginseng Up Root Beer, American Classics Ginseng Up Cream Soda, American Classics Ginseng Up Black Cherry, American Classics Ginseng Up Raspberry Lime, American Classics Ginseng Up Ginger Ale, and American Classics Ginseng Up Grape Soda. With options such as these, president Vish Ganpati says the drinks tend to appeal to adults who seek the health benefits of ginseng mixed with natural fruit flavors.

It’s no denying that a Ginseng Up drink is as delicious as it is beneficial. Ginseng Up soda has made its way on shelves of numerous large retailers, as well as enjoyed by stars such as English rapper/radio personality Monie Love. And with a slogan like “The Root of All Power”, we wouldn’t be surprised if it’ll soon be discovered by many more. While the company’s website provides information about each product, it doesn’t include a product locator. So for those that want to know where to buy soda online, you can find Ginseng Up at our very own Specialty Sodas website.