Kazouza sparking fruit juice drinks are the result of a partnership between Cedar’s Premium Food & Beverage and California Garden. Cedar’s, located in Lebanon, collects fruit juices from all over the world in order to bring heritage to the food and beverage industry. They named their product “Kazouza 1941” as a tribute to its authentic Lebanese history. In 1941, Kazouza was created by the Najem brand, becoming the first bottled soda in Lebanon. The descendents of Najem soon opened their new company, now known as Cedar’s Premium. The soda company is owned by its CEO, Joseph Najem.


Their partner, the California Garden brand, was established in 1980. The company is located in Lake Forest, CA began as a way to bring quality California products to the other side of the world. In the beginning, it supplied only canned peaches, canned fruit cocktails and canned corn to Asia. It soon made its way to the Middle East however, and is now processing over two hundred products in over twenty countries. Although mainly known for their beans, California Garden always innovates in order to bring all kinds of quality items to consumers.


Kazouza drinks come in 275 mL glass bottles with twist-off caps for easy-opening. Their hourglass-shaped bottles are aesthetically pleasing, and many exotic fruit flavors are offered. The soda list includes: Naturally Flavored Tamarind Sparkling Drink, Mixed Berry Sparkling Fruit Drink, Orange Sparkling Fruit Drink, Pink Grapefruit Sparkling Fruit Drink, Watermelon Sparkling Fruit Drink, Lime Pomegranate Sparkling Fruit Drink, Lemon Ice Sparkling Fruit Drink, Strawberry Melon Sparkling Fruit Drink and Apple Sparkling Fruit Drink. This sounds like a great line for some fruity mixed drinks! These fizzy drinks aren’t the easiest to find, but those who manage to get their hands on them are instantly hooked.


Neither nor seems to provide a store locator, but bloggers have claimed to stumble on Kazouza in their local shops. Those who want to buy soda online or discover some other cool drinks can do so at our Specialty Sodas website. If you’re a fan of fruit juices in carbonated form, Kazouza may be the juice brand for you.