Mr. Q Cumber

Mr. Q Cumber

Mr. Q Cumber is a product of Global Beverage Enterprises Inc., a soda company located in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. Their mission is to provide unique and healthy beverages to consumers. They connect with as many distributors and retailers as they can, who then make their drinks available to the public. One of their beverages, Mabi, has even made an appearance on NBC’s Today show. Mr. Q Cumber has been their most notable creation by far.


Mr. Q Cumber soda, which comes in a handy 7 oz bottle, is a crisp carbonated beverage that’s like biting into a fresh cucumber. The refreshing soda pop is made with natural ingredients, including cane sugar and real cucumber extract. Restaurants love the petite glass bottle, not to mention the light flavor makes for great cucumber cocktail recipes. Because it goes well with vodka, tequila and gin, bloggers everywhere are concocting their own cucumber mixed drinks. The bubbly texture along with the sweet cucumber flavor is especially delicious in the summer.


Mr. Q Cumber has won multiple awards and the sparkling cucumber beverage has even made appearances at the Dominican Day Parade. Fans love the soft drink so much, they’ve even written poems about the little sparkling soda. The company’s website,, provides a list of markets in southern Florida that stock the natural soda brand. For non-locals who want to buy soda online or discover other cucumber drinks, they can do so at our Specialty Sodas site.

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