Perrier 330ml Glass Bottle

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Product Description

Perrier comes in a classic, stout green 11.15 oz (300 mL) glass bottle with a gold bottlecap that reads "Source Perrier". Its green and yellow label reads, "Source Perrier. Captured at source. Sparkling Natural Mineral Water."

Its liquid has a sharp crystal clear appearance. Perrier gives off a glacial water scent, and a slight calcium and magnesium taste.

In summary, Perrier:

  • is captured at the source
  • has a sharp, crystal clear liquid
  • has a glacier water scent with a calcium/magnesium taste

Perrier pairs well with antipasti, so try it today!

Perrier is distributed by Nestle Waters North America Inc, Greenwich, CT 06830.

Product Details

Ingredients: Low Mineral Content, contains Carbonated Mineral Water.

Nutrition Facts: -

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