Pimento Drink

Pimento Drink

To truly appreciate Pimento Ginger Drink, one would have to know and understand the company’s founder and CEO, Eric Dalsace. Dalsace had always preferred strong drinks that offer that burning sensation in the mouth. However, when he decided to give up alcohol, that wonderful feeling was nowhere to be found. In 2009, Dalsace roamed all of Paris collecting roots and spices to create his own concoction. Because if you can’t find something that suits you, why not make your own ginger beer? After numerous trials of brewing ginger beer, Dalsace discovered Pimento, a sweet yet wonderfully spicy liquid. It was as soft as soda should be, with the intensity of a spirit. Pimento (the Portuguese word for "bell pepper"), is a heart-shaped cherry pepper 3-4 inches long that is sweeter and more fragrant than regular bell peppers. It has often been used to make pimento cheese, but never in a beverage. As Dalsace felt the thrilling heat run through his body, he knew this magical homemade ginger beer mixture was the one.

The spicy ginger soda from France soon became a running company whose tagline states, “at last a beverage without alcohol stronger than alcohol”. With only 75 calories per bottle, the ginger and chili flavored beverage is sold all over the world, including in France, England, Greece, Italy, Germany, Africa, Australia and more. The classy glass bottle with a golden label is topped with a twist-off cap, and the red trimming foreshadows the drink’s unforgettable sensation. Best served ice cold, Pimento Drink starts off with the fruity ginger, then hits you with the energizing chili shock. The tongue is then greeted with ingredients such as bitter orange, lime, gentian and oregano. Despite being low in sugar, GMO free and gluten free, this hot ginger ale does not fail to provide a full flavor that’s enough to stand alone.

Although it is far from bland, Pimento Drink is considered to be one of the most versatile mixers, even partnering with the French Association of Barmen (ABF) to make savory pimento liqueurs. Because it’s made with natural flavors consisting of ginger, tonic, and hot pepper, Pimento Drink goes well with many spirits such as rum, vodka, and brandy. Search the company’s website,, and it’ll offer ginger beer recipes and other mixed drinks. In addition, the powerful taste goes well with Asian, Spanish, Indian and Middle Eastern cuisines (to name a few). The beverage is even a delectable ingredient in cooking, often used for deglazing shrimp or chicken, as well as topping off desserts. No matter what it’s used for, Pimento is sure to excite and stimulate the senses.

The success of Pimento Drink is apparent today with its many awards and recognition. Not only did it perform well at the Parisian Sial tradeshow, it has won numerous blind taste tests when tasted neat. It was a finalist at both the Innovation Awards in Munich and Food Innovation in Paris, a Silver Medal winner at the BevStar Awards in New York, and a Gold Medal winner at the Great Taste Awards in London. A combination of ginger ale and ginger juice, Pimento is perfect for those seeking a powerful flavor in a non-alcoholic, carbonated beverage. For those wondering where to buy ginger beer, many brands including Pimento are offered at our very own Specialty Sodas website.

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