Founded in 1987, Sangaria USA began as a way to introduce the rich Japanese culture to the United States. The goal was to bring innovative drinks to the American beverage industry in a wonderful variety of flavors. Manufactured by Japan Sangaria Beverage Co., Ltd. in Japan, Sangaria’s brand beverages are delivered to distribution networks in the U.S. With its headquarters in Torrance, California, Sangaria’s drinks are full of vitamins and marketed for their health benefits. The beverage company produces a number of different categories of drinks including Ramune Soda, Tea, Coffee, and Chu-Hi, a cocktail in a can.

Sangaria USA is the only company that makes ramuné sodas that are naturally flavored and with real sugar. Ramune is Japanese for “lemonade”, but used in this case to describe a  Japanese soft drink. The concept was introduced to Kobe, Japan by Alexander Cameron Sim, and became widely popular for the bottles’ design. Invented by Hiram Codd, these “Codd-neck bottles” were indented and contained a marble inside. To open, one would have to remove a part of the cap and use it as a tool to push the marble into the bottle. Although sometimes adopted by other Japanese drinks, the unique construction of the marble soda bottle is mainly used by Sangaria’s Ramune sodas.

Although the Ramune soda list has had thirty-six flavors over the years, the consistent flavors that come in the glass bottles are Original, Strawberry, Orange, Melon, and Grape. Sangaria also offers a 16.2 oz aluminum bottle not in the Codd-neck style, that includes Original, Strawberry, Melon, and Grape. In addition, the company offers a creamy and smooth Royal Milk Tea in a can, made with 25% real milk. The milk tea ingredients include three different famous black tea leaves. Followed by their canned tea is their canned cocktail, Chu-Hi (a name combo of ShoChu and High-Ball), that contains 6% alcohol. The Eastern Tokyo idea began in the late 1940’s, when people would mix Shochu with carbonated fruit juices.

Sangaria’s drinks list goes on and on, consisting of options such as Sangaria Milk Coffee, Sangaria Ume (plum) Soda, Sangaria Nata de Coco, Sangaria Fruits Mix Jerry Soda, and Sangaria Tubumi - Mango. Its ramune drinks have made appearances in Japanese dramas, animes, and mangas, continuing to be loved for their fun fruity flavors. They’ve become prominent in the summer, often enjoyed at festivals and other events on warm days. With a slogan like “1, 2, Sangaria!", there’s no denying Sangaria USA provides a light-hearted, nostalgic feeling. The company’s page,, doesn’t offer a store locator, so if you’d rather buy ramune online, you can at our Specialty Sodas website.