Schartner Bombe

Schartner Bombe

Schartner Bombe is an Austrian beverage created shortly after World War I, when the water supply had poor tasting water. People began experimenting with fruit syrup to better the taste, and eventually discovered a delicious result. They sold the mixture in small green bottles and Schartner Bombe soda was born. The drink was named after the shape of the bottle, as it resembled a bomb. At the time, it was merely mineral water, only becoming the carbonated Austrian lemonade (österreichische limonade) it is today in 1961. The new concoction became a worldwide novelty, producing 40 million bottles a year by 1969. The company was sold a few times, eventually being owned by managing director August Starzinger in the 1990s. Starzinger ran the company with his daughter, marketing manager Ludmilla Starzinger, and together, they allowed the brand to continue providing its quality drinks.


Schartner Bombe’s 250 mL soda bottles come in green glass (sometimes aluminum cans or clear plastic). The old fashioned soda has a classic lemonade taste with hints of lemongrass and ginger. With no preservatives, artificial coloring or allergens, the magical beverage is as health-conscious as it is delicious. The type of sodas offered by Schartner Bombe include Lemon, Orange, Orange Grapefruit, Raspberry, Herbs, Pineapple, Iced Tea, and ACE (Vitamin A, C & E). For many throughout history, Schartner Bombe became the most common drink after breast milk, as the tradition of the beverage passed on from generation to generation.


Schartner Bombe’s success remains today, as the soda company is an enthusiastic partner of many events and corporations. Its biggest involvement is in sports, making sponsorships with basketball, football and volleyball associations. It has made appearances at the IAAF World Youth Championships in California, and even made an appearance in the world of hot air ballooning. For those that can read in German, the website provides plenty of information. There doesn’t seem to be a store locator however, so if you would like to buy soda online, you can do so at our Specialty Sodas website.

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