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Product Description

Q Tonic water comes in a perfectly transparent 8oz glass bottle with a clean silhouette. Its contemporary bottle is mid-tone lavender, with classy font printed in a dove black hue. Its label reads, "Q Tonic. A Superior Tonic Water. Imagine if you could start over. And make your favorite drink even better. Well, we spent years creating a tonic water that does just that. We began with handpicked Peruvian quinine, just like when tonic water was invented back in 1825. Then for a gentle roundness, we lightly sweetened Q Tonic with organic agave, not loads of high fructose corn syrup. We topped it off with champagne carbonation, for just the right ting. We've come up with a superior tonic water. One that tastes like tonic water should and is better for you, with 60% fewer calories and all natural ingredients. It's your you drink. Choose Q Tonic."

The liquid is slick, honey-like, and has a breezy flow. Its transparent and plentiful bubbles break quickly and remain pleasantly bubbly. The clear honey-amber color with no sediment has a lightly sharp, lemony-tart bitter root herb scent. The taste is smooth, soft, and thin. It is dry, with a heavily-green herb theme with citrusy bitters, mid-tone quinine, and clean agave only sweet enough to temper the herbal components.

Contemporary and artfully crafted, Q Tonic water is a sophisticated standalone that is sparkling and smooth, with fun effervescence.

In summary, Q Tonic:

  • remains pleasantly bubbly
  • has a lemony-tart bitter root herb scent
  • tastes smooth and soft with an herb theme, citrusy bitters, quinine, and clean agave

It pairs well with any gourmet appetizer, especially charred. This one makes for a nice, relaxing experience, so try Q Tonic water today!

Q Tonic is manufactured by Q Tonic, Brooklyn, NY. 11201.

Product Details

Ingredients: Triple Purified Water, Organic Agave, Handpicked Quinine, Lemon Juice Extract, Natural Bitters

Nutrition Facts: Serving Size 5 fl oz (147 mL), Amount Per Serving, Calories 24, Total Fat 0g (0% DV), Sodium 6mg (0% DV), Total Carb. 7g (2% DV), Sugars 7g, Protein 0g.

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