Almdudler Krauterlimonade 350ml Glass Bottle

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Product Description

Almdudler Krauterlimonade comes in a clear 11.2 oz classic bottle with a nostalgic image of a sweet young couple in traditional Austrian garments. The bottlecap says "Almdudler KRÄUTERLIMONADE" while the bottle has white, etched wording that reads, "Almdudler. 50 JAHRE" on the front and "ALMDUDLER KRÄUTERLIMONADE National Soft Drink of Austria" on the side.

The liquid almost looks like moscato, with a crisp and sparkling light body. It has a scent of light caramel, and tastes of strong lime atop bitter oranges with a lemon zest aftertaste. If black pekoe tea with a wedge of lime was turned into a soda by removing the black tea, this would be it!

In summary, Almdudler Krauterlimonade:

  • comes in a vintage-looking classic bottle with an etched design rather than paper label
  • pours like moscato with a sparkling light body
  • tastes of lime and oranges with a lemon zest

Almdudler Krauterlimonade's deep bitter lime essence pairs well with hearty dark meats such as roasted lamb or beef. The bitter orange nuances would appeal to a gourmand, and is reminiscent of fall festivities. Try it today!

Almdudler Krauterlimonade is imported from Austria by Real Soda In Real Bottles, Ltd. Der Getränkekönig von Kalifornien!

Product Details

Ingredients: Carbonated Water, cane sugar, citric acid, caramel, and natural flavours. Contains absolutely no preservatives or artificial ingredients.

Nutrition Facts: For Nutritional Facts please call 310-326-9202

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