Almdudler Krauterlimonade 350ml Glass Bottle

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Product Description

Almdudler Krauterlimonade comes in a clear 11.2 oz classic bottle with a nostalgic image of a sweet young couple in traditional Austrian garments. The bottlecap says "Almdudler KR��UTERLIMONADE" while the bottle has white, etched wording that reads, "Almdudler. 50 JAHRE" on the front and "ALMDUDLER KR��UTERLIMONADE National Soft Drink of Austria" on the side.

The liquid almost looks like moscato, with a crisp and sparkling light body. It has a scent of light caramel, and tastes of strong lime atop bitter oranges with a lemon zest aftertaste. If black pekoe tea with a wedge of lime was turned into a soda by removing the black tea, this would be it!

In summary, Almdudler Krauterlimonade:

  • comes in a vintage-looking classic bottle with an etched design rather than paper label
  • pours like moscato with a sparkling light body
  • tastes of lime and oranges with a lemon zest

Almdudler Krauterlimonade's deep bitter lime essence pairs well with hearty dark meats such as roasted lamb or beef. The bitter orange nuances would appeal to a gourmand, and is reminiscent of fall festivities. Try it today!

Almdudler Krauterlimonade is imported from Austria by Real Soda In Real Bottles, Ltd. Der Getr��nkek��nig von Kalifornien!

Product Details

Ingredients: Carbonated Water, cane sugar, citric acid, caramel, and natural flavours. Contains absolutely no preservatives or artificial ingredients.

Nutrition Facts: For Nutritional Facts please call 310-326-9202

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