Avery's Raspberry Seltzer 12oz Glass Bottle

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Avery's Raspberry Seltzer comes in a pearl-like, transparent 12 oz (355 mL) glass bottle with a chalky-white label. Its royal blue outline mimics a nostalgic naval feel of 1940's stationary, and the label reads, "Always Ask for Avery's. Trademark Gold Coin Beverages. Established 1904. Avery's has been making old fashioned gourmet soda for over 100 years using real cane sugar and the finest quality ingredients. Enjoy!"

The transparent, thin, shiny and rapidly-flowing liquid has bubbles that break simultaneously with exposure to air. Its scent is a baby-sweet, with brambleberry and slight rhubarb tone. It provides an active mouth feel with smooth yet sparkling texture. A mild peach hint with a pleasant red berry flavor, it is cleanly combined with a watery green pear low note leading to a bouquet of flavor without being tart nor sweet.

In summary, Avery's Raspberry Seltzer:

  • has a nautical style of writing and labeling
  • smells of lightly sweet brambleberry and rhubarb
  • is spare and clean with the essence of raspberries without tartness

Pair it with ripening, fibrous, non-citrus fruits to encourage the same fullness of flavor. Try Avery's Raspberry Seltzer today!

Avery's Raspberry Seltzer is manufactured by Avery's Bottling Works. New Britain, Conn. 06052.

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