Canada's Best Glacier Water 355ml Plastic Bottle

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Product Description

Canada's Best Glacier Water comes in a convenient, ergonomically round 12 fl oz (355 mL) plastic bottle with a label that says, "Source. Whistler. BC. Canada's Best Glacial Water. 355 mL of genuine Whistler."

The liquid is crystal clear, and smells of clean refreshing balance. It has a thin mouth-feel, and tastes of soothing electrolyte-balanced glacial water. This is what you'll want after ice bay kayaking.

In summary, Canada's Best Glacier Water:

  • comes in an easy-grab plastic bottle
  • smells of clean refreshing balance
  • tastes of soothing electrolyte-balanced glacial water

It's a great jogging buddy while you're outrunning polar bears. Try Canada's Best Glacier Water today!

Canada's Best Glacier Water is manufactured by Watermark Beverages Inc. v5X 2Y5.

Product Details

Ingredients: Glacier Water, Mineral Salts 77ppm, Fluoride 0ppm, Potassium 0mg, Sodium 0.7mg.

Nutrition Facts: -

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