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Caramba! Guayaba Guava Soda 10oz Glass Bottle

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Product Description

��Caramba! Sparkling Water comes in a 10 oz glass bottle with a festive, S. American themed label that reads "��Caramba! Sparkling Water".

Its clear, sparkling water has fast viscosity, and an airy lemon aroma. Amazingly noisy, ��Caramba! Sparkling Water has a brilliant constant sparkle.

In summary, ��Caramba Sparkling Water:

  • has a festive label design
  • contains an airy, lemon aroma
  • has high carbonation

It pairs well with artisanal cactus (nopales), so try it today!

��Caramba Sparkling Water is bottled by National Bottlers, Los Angeles CA 90033.

Product Details

Ingredients: Contains Carbonated water, lemon oil

Nutrition Facts:. -

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