Crater Lake Root Beer 12oz Glass Bottle

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Product Description

Crater Lake Root Beer comes in a 12 fl oz glass bottle with a dark, moody illustration of the Pacific Northwest landscape's Crater Lake.

The liquid is a dark espresso color with light beige foam, and has a medium-thick body and viscosity. It smells predominantly of horehound and anise, leaning towards cloves and a vanilla undertone. Within its light carbonation, it tastes of horehound and sarsaparilla, with anise, cloves, and a malty-vanilla undertone with a hint of molasses. It's almost like a root beer barrel hard candy in a bottle.

In summary, Crater Lake Root Beer:

  • smells of horehound, anise, cloves and vanilla
  • is medium-thick with light carbonation
  • tastes of horehound, sarsaparilla, anise, cloves, vanilla and molasses

It pairs well with pastrami on rye, so try Crater Lake Root Beer today!

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