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Crazy Woman Water 700ml Glass Bottle

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Product Description

Crazy Woman Water comes in a 23.7 fl oz (700mL) glass bottle with a label that reads "Artesian Water. Sourced Beneath Wyoming's Crazy Woman Mountain. Crazy Woman Water," on the front and "Crazy Woman Water. Artesian Water sourced from the Madison Formation Aquifer, 6000 feet beneath Wyoming's Crazy Woman Mountain. Naturally filtered by ancient limestone," on the back.

It has no smell, and low viscosity. Its soft and light body is refreshing and will remind you of the great outdoors.

In summary, Crazy Woman Water:

  • is sourced beneath Wyoming's Crazy Woman Mountains
  • has no smell with low viscosity
  • has a refreshing soft and light body

It pairs well with grasses and is good for all ages. You'd be CRAZY not to try it!

Crazy Woman Water is manufactured by Crazy Woman Water LLC, Buffalo, Wyoming 82834.

Product Details

Ingredients: -

Nutrition Facts: Water Analysis in mg/ltr: Calcium 43, Magnesium 28, Silica 11, PH 7.3, Potassium 1.1, TDS 220.

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