Fanta Uva (Grape) 355ml Glass Bottle

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Product Description

Fanta Uva (Grape) comes in a slim 12 fl oz (355 mL) glass bottle with a white & blue label that reads, "Fanta Grape. Hecho in Mexico. " The cap says, "Fanta. Uva. Grape."

The deep purple liquid gives a short hiss upon opening and a sizzling pour that settles to faint popping. As a layer of bubbles line the glass, the scent is of a sweet & sour grape candy. Carbonation is light on the tongue, and lively acid provides texture. There's slight thickness to the consistency and a moderate mouthfeel. Taste it and find a bright candy-like grape flavor with a sweet & sour taste. A slight dryness to the finish, this is perfect for those seeking a sweet-tart mix.

In summary, Fanta Uva (Grape):

  • smells of sweet & sour grape candy
  • has light carbonation and slight thickness in consistency
  • tastes of candy-like grape with a dry finish

It pairs well with popcorn or other salty snacks, so try Fanta Uva (Grape) today!

Fanta Uva (Grape) es un product de The Coca-Cola Company.

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