Frostop Premium Root Beer 12oz Glass Bottle

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Product Description

Frostop Premium Root Beer comes in a dark chocolate-colored 12 fl oz bottle with a fiery red & orange label.

The opaque liquid has a bold, medium consistency and viscosity with a frosty, creamy head. There's a little rush of fizz upon pouring, pausing within a few seconds into the foam. It smells of sarsaparilla, anise, and caramel, and tastes of a caramelized & honeyed molasses overtone atop a syrupy vanilla with an undertone of sarsaparilla and sassafras.

In summary, Frostop Premium Root Beer:

  • has medium consistency and viscosity
  • smells of sarsaparilla, anise, and caramel
  • tastes of molasses with vanilla, sarsaparilla and sassafras

Have this one with your next burger and fries. Try Frostop Premium Root Beer today!

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