Frucade Orangenfruchtsaftlimonade 350ml Glass Bottle

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Frucade Orangenfruchtsaftlimonade comes in a bright-colored 350mL glass bottle with stark European font.

The liquid is cloudy of unpreserved tangerine juice blended with lemonade soda, is medium-thick, and has sediment resting at the base. It smells of cooked marmalade, and tastes of mellow, natural German orange, fermented tangerine, and lemon juice. It's natural without feeling gritty or processed.

In summary, Frucade Orangenfruchtsaftlimonade:

  • smells of cooked marmalade
  • is medium-thick with sediment
  • tastes of German orange, tangerine, and lemon

It pairs well with fennel & rye, or sourdough bread so try Frucade Orangenfruchtsaftlimonade today!

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