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Give Strength Electrolyte Infused Water comes in a thin, clear 23 oz (680 mL) plastic bottle with an orange-themed label that reads, "GIVE strength to fight muscular disorders. Electrolyte Infused Water on a mission" and the brand's slogan, "drink give. do good" on its side. The bottle's back states, "You just gave 10 cents to a local charity fighting muscular disorders. Give Strength is our way of bringing awareness to muscular disorders-debilitating illnesses that are often overlooked and underfunded. Get hydrated with this electrolyte-infused water and lend some muscle to the search for better treatments and cures for these afflictions." Since the bottle is clear, the inside of the label is visible, revealing "This bottle is oxo-biodegradable and returns to the earth in 10 years."

Upon opening, Give Strength Electrolyte Infused Water has no scent, and has a neutral body when poured. Being distilled, it tastes of slightly hard mineral water as magnesium, potassium, and calcium are added.

In summary, Give Strength Electrolyte Infused Water:

  • donates a percentage of its profit to a charity fighting muscular disorders
  • comes in an oxo-biodegradable bottle
  • tastes of hard mineral water with magnesium, potassium, and calcium

It's a good hydrating water for all ages. Order your pack of Give Strength Electrolyte Infused Water today!

Give Strength Electrolyte Infused Water is distributed by PurBlu Beverages, Inc. Pittsburgh, PA 15219.

Product Details

Ingredients: Vapor Distilled Water, Electrolytes (magnesium chloride, potassium bicarbonate, calcium chloride).

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