Grown-Up Soda (GuS) Star Ruby Grapefruit 12oz Glass Bottle

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Product Description

Grown-Up Soda (GuS) Star Ruby Grapefruit comes in a 12 fl oz glass bottle with a clean & bright light carmine colored label.

The liquid is lightly fragrant of firm, red grapefruit pulp, and contains natural sediment flowing through its light, slightly milky pink grapefruit hue. It has a brisk carbonated mouth-feel, tasting of soda water with lime overcast on red grapefruit juice. Take another sip and discover a small degree of tart orange.

In summary, Grown-Up Soda (GuS) Star Ruby Grapefruit:

  • smells of red grapefruit pulp
  • has a brisk carbonated mouth-feel
  • tastes of soda water with lime, red grapefruit, and orange

It pairs well with bacon bits in dark chocolate bark, so try Grown-Up Soda (GuS) Star Ruby Grapefruit today!

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