Hosmer Mountain Cream Soda 12oz Glass Bottle

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Product Description

Hosmer Mountain Cream Soda comes in an old-fashioned 12 fl oz (354 mL) glass bottle with a cap that says "Cream Soda". The simple blue & white label reads, "Hosmer Mountain Cream Soda. Formulated with Brown Sugar. Bottled in the land of swift moving water. Hosmer Mountain lies in the heart of New England, in the pristine northeast section of Connecticut, known as the Quiet Corner. A rather minor geological formation, it forms a ridge of the valley known as Willimantic. In 1912, spring water emanating from its base was used to establish the Hosmer Mountain Spring Bottling Works."

The transparent, amber liquid gives a short hiss upon opening and a light crackle to the pour. As large bubbles line the glass, the scent is of sweet vanilla with a touch of caramel. With minimal carbonation and a thin consistency, it tastes of soft, sweet vanilla with hints of caramel in the background. There's a light, creamy feel and minimal acidity. The slickness lingers, making it an easy-drinking beverage for those who prefer low acidity in their vanilla cream.

In summary, Hosmer Mountain Cream Soda:

  • smells of vanilla with a touch of caramel
  • has light carbonation and thin consistency
  • tastes of soft & sweet vanilla with hints of caramel

It pairs well with salty snacks, so try Hosmer Mountain Cream Soda today!

Hosmer Mountain Cream Soda is manufactured by Hosmer Mountain Bottling Co., Willimantic CT 06226.

Product Details

Ingredients: Carbonated Non Chlorinated Water, Sugar, Brown Sugar, Natural and Artificial Flavoring, Potassium Benzoate, Caramel Coloring, Citric Acid, No Artificial Colors or Caffeine.

Nutrition Facts: Calories 180/bottle

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