Ice Age Premium Glacier Water 12oz Plastic Bottle

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Product Description

Ice Age Premium Glacier Water comes in a 12 oz (355 mL) glacier-themed plastic bottle with a black cap. Its label reads, "Ice Age. Premium Glacier Water. Since 1995 Gold Medal Taste Award, Award Winning Water" and "The Gold Standard for Bottled Water. Total Dissolved Solids: only 4 parts per Million. An experience of tasting the difference and the incredible soft texture. Exceptional and unique characteristics not found in any other water. Genuine Glacier Water, a Canadian treasure. Our glacier water is authentic, micro-structured by ice filtration from a time long ago. Scientifically documented to be absolutely the world's purest and softest water, Ice Age Glacier Water has exceptional and unique characteristics not found in any other natural waters. Naturally, eco-friendly without affecting nature's agricultural water table. And self-sustainable."

Upon opening, it gives no odor, and contains medium viscosity with a smooth, rounded water texture. It's soft, refreshing taste has a slight suggestion of lemon and oxygen. Ice Age Premium Glacier Water is in a class of its own, and can be a stand-alone drink.

In summary, Ice Age Premium Glacier Water:

  • is naturally eco-friendly
  • is collected from the released glacial melt at the foot of the glacier
  • has a smooth, rounded texture

Ice Age Premium Glacier Water is "Genuine Glacier Water. Genuinely Pure." Try it today!

Ice Age Premium Glacier Water is The Gold Standard for Bottled Water From Canada. It is exclusively sourced from British Columbia's pristine, remote, and environmentally protected coastal glacial range, at Alpine Creek, Toba Inlet.

Product Details

Ingredients: -

Nutrition Facts:. Water Analysis: Total dissolved solids (minerals) 4 parts per Million (4mg/L) Hardness 2mg/L, Zero MTBE, Zero Chlorine, Zero Sodium, Zero Arsenic, Zero Bacteria, Zero Crypto. Fluoride .01mg/L

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