Kutztown Root Beer 12oz Glass Bottle

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Product Description

Kutztown Root Beer comes in a clear 12 oz glass bottle with a bold peacock blue, red and gold label, containing broad strokes outlining a mug in Germanic font.

The dark, tannic chocolate and opaque liquid has a thin, quick viscosity, doubling in volume as its creamy, tan foam rises. Why does this smell of delicious butterscotch ambrosia on an angel food cake? The cool & smooth carbonation tastes butterscotch-dominant with a hint of scotch and note of juniper. Don't forget that sweet vanilla and thin yet rich golden caramel on... once again, angel food cake!

In summary, Kutztown Root Beer:

  • has mild carbonation
  • smells of butterscotch on angel food cake
  • tastes of vanilla and caramel atop angel food cake

It pairs well with rustic meatloaf and roasted vegetables, as they lend a grounding connection to something intensely sweet. Try Kutztown Root Beer today!

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