Manhattan Special Sarsaparilla 10oz Glass Bottle

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Product Description

Manhattan Special Sarsaparilla comes in a 10 fl oz glass bottle with a folk-themed label in charming autumn colors.

Made with pure cane sugar, the drink is an opaque, deep espresso brown brew. It smells of syrupy, woodsy sarsaparilla leaning towards black licorice, root spices, and ivy. Brisk and a bit noisy upon pouring, it has a medium mouth-feel tasting intense, full and highly developed in its almost plummy aged sarsaparilla and horehound profile. Take another sip and discover it's accented by caramel, vanilla, and traditional root herbs. It's almost like a deeply dark, plummy version of root beer barrel hard candy.

In summary, Manhattan Special Sarsaparilla:

  • smells of syrupy and woodsy sarsaparilla
  • has a medium mouth-feel and is a bit noisy when poured
  • tastes of intense, full, and highly-developed sarsaparilla and horehound

It pairs well honey-baked ham, so try with Manhattan Special Sarsaparilla today!

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