Mason's Root Beer 12oz Glass Bottle

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Product Description

Mason's Root Beer comes in a brown 12 fl oz glass bottle with a medium-dark hue of sunflower gold background on its label. The 'M' initial serves as a big, black logo, and underneath it is an illustration of a wooden brewing keg.

The liquid has an easy flow and thin consistency, with plentiful fizz and active bubbles. The dark caramel brown drink gives off a smooth butter and vanilla scent accented by cloves. Taste the gentle, soft consistency and find a pungent honey and butterscotch-themed caramel, along with cloves, yucca, marshmallow and quince. The modest carbonation on the side of smooth tingliness is a kind character--an all-round classic for anyone.

In summary, Mason's Root Beer:

  • has plenty of fizz and bubbles in its thin consistency
  • smells of butter and vanilla with cloves
  • tastes of honey, butterscotch-themed caramel, cloves, yucca, marshmallow and quince

It pairs well with roasted root vegetables, as they lend a mineral aroma that counters the sweetness of the soda. Try Mason's Root Beer today!

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