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Oakley Artesian Water 20oz Plastic Pouch

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Product Description

Oakley Artisian Water comes bagged in a 20 oz (591 mL) flexible, plastic pouch that reads "Natural pH8. Established 16,000 BC" on the front and "Bottled at the Source, in Oakley, Utah, from an ancient glacial aquifer, protected in rock 1,840 feet below the pristine Uinta Mountains. According to carbon dating, this perfect water has been untouched since 16,000 B.C. Go ahead, open the cap, every taste is a delicious journey back in time!' Eco-Friendly Packaging, BPA Free" on the back. It has no odor, and is soft with high water surface tension. There is a slight calcium-quartz taste.

In summary, Oakley Artisian Water:

  • comes in an eco-friendly pouch
  • is bottled at the source in Oakley, Utah
  • has no odor, with a slight calcium-quartz taste

Pair it with mangoes on a hot summer day!

Oakley Artisian Water is manufactured by Oakley Artesian Water, LLC, 5600 N Pinion Lane, P.O. Box 670, Oakley, UT 84055.

Product Details

Ingredients: Free flowing natural artesian water from the Uinta Arch Paleozoic Aquifer; a federally protected sole source aquifer.

Nutrition Facts: Typical Analysis in Mg/Liter, Total Dissolved Solids 204, Calcium 41, Magnesium 20, Bicarbonate 215, Silica 10, pH 8..

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