Puck Pear Nectar 200ml Glass Bottle

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Product Description

Puck Pear Nectar comes in a 6.8 fl oz (200 mL) glass bottle that reads, "Puck. All natural ingredients. No preservatives or artificial flavorings. Pear Nectar. Made from Pear Puree."

The liquid is a caramel opaque, and smells of dark caramelized sweet pear. It is thick with mild acidity, and tastes of caramel whole sweet pear with a light citrus finish. It's the perfect drink after an afternoon nap.

In summary, Puck Pear Nectar:

  • is 50% juice
  • smells of dark caramelized pear
  • tastes of sweet pear with a light citrus finish

It pairs well with snickerdoodles, so try Puck Pear Nectar today!

Puck Pear Nectar is manufactured by IBC Belgium, Bellflower CA 90706.

Product Details

Ingredients: 50% Juice: Water, Pear Puree, Sugar, Vitamin C.

Nutrition Facts: For nutritional information call 1-310-326-9202

UPC: 652428990069

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