Royal Club Tonic Water 200ml Glass Bottle

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Product Description

Royal Club Tonic Water comes in a 200mL glass bottle with a small but regal crest on a classy, silver and black label with the image of crisp, buoyant ice cubes floating in water. It's a classy bar staple that reads, "1939. Royal Club. The Original. Tonic."

With numerous fizzy bubbles and medium noise, the liquid is clear with a hint of a vanilla color. Suiting, because it smells of vanilla, pistachio shell, ginger and lime. Taste it and you'll find it light, thin and tart, with a pineapple and white melon rind note mixed with lime and ginger-orange. It's a flair of tingly and tropical effervescence without being hard to drink.

In summary, Royal Club Tonic Water:

  • has numerous fizzy bubbles
  • smells of vanilla, pistachio shell, ginger and lime
  • tastes of tart pineapple, white melon rind, lime and ginger-orange

It pairs well with duck pate, as the sweet-tart beverage cuts into the smooth intensity of the savory paste. Try Royal Club Tonic Water today!

Royal Club Tonic Water is manufactured by Vrumona B.V., Consumentenservice, Antw. NR. 2210, 3970 WD Bunnik.

Product Details

Ingredients: Koolzuurhoudend Water, Suiker, Glucose-Fructosetroop, Voedingszuur (Citroenzuur), Natuurlijke Aroma's, Aroma (Kinine).

Nutrition Facts: Voedingswaarde per 100 mL, Energie 149 KJ (=36 KCAL), Eiwit 0G, Koolhydraten 8, 6 G, Waarvan Suikers 8, 6 G, Vet 0 G, Waarvan Verzadigd Vet 0 G, Voedingsvezal 0 G, Natrium 0, 002 G. EEN FLESJE IS 200 mL.

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