Sangaria Melon Soda 480ml Aluminum Bottle Can

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Product Description

Sangaria Melon Soda comes in a 480mL aluminum bottle can with a bright green package featuring a webbed green melon on the vine.

The liquid is transparent with tiny bubbles, smelling of mild white-fleshed honeydew melon reminiscent of light peach and vanilla. It is sweet but not overly so, tasting of fruit hinting of crenshaw & honeydew melon mixed with dry, toasted vanilla pod leaning towards mellow peaches.

In summary, Sangaria Melon Soda:

  • smells of mild honeydew melon reminiscent of peach and vanilla
  • tastes of melon mixed with toasted vanilla pod and mellow peaches
  • is a round flavor with no acidity

It pairs well with acidic, toasty, seasoned & herbed such as pizza or French fries. Try Sangaria Melon Soda today!

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