Sangaria Nata de Coco 9.4oz Aluminum Can

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Product Description

Sangaria Nata de Coco comes in a 9.4 fl oz aluminum can with a sublime, clean white & blue Japanese-postured label.

The liquid is milky and slightly creamy, and its fermented sweetness provides zest similar to carbonation. It smells of soy and honey, and has a medium-thick consistency with some chunks. It tastes of yogurt with coconut juice and sugar, providing a creaminess and fullness of unique flavor.

In summary, Sangaria Nata de Coco:

  • smells of soy and honey
  • has a creamy, full mouth-feel
  • tastes of yogurt with coconut juice and sugar

This is such a unique flavor, it's great on its own. Try Sangaria Nata de Coco today!

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