Sangaria Strawberry Soda 480ml Aluminum Bottle Can

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Product Description

Sangaria Strawberry Soda comes in a 16.2 fl oz (480mL) aluminum bottle can with a lively bright pink label.

The liquid is a transparent, sparkling peach tint, and smells of peach secondary to strawberry jam mixed with a white grape and passion fruit essence. The mouth-feel is very active and fruity, tasting of strawberry jam with lychee, Asian pear, and a faint vanilla aftertaste. It's a great all-around soda for any age!

In summary, Sangaria Strawberry Soda:

  • smells of peach, strawberry jam, white grape, and passion fruit
  • has an active mouth-feel with medium consistency
  • tastes of strawberry jam, lychee, Asian pear, and vanilla

Balance the sweetness with an earthy, savory snack (ex. tres leches, fudge brownies, tiramisu) Try Sangaria Strawberry Soda today!

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