Sangaria Tubumi - Grape 9.4oz Aluminum Can

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Product Description

Sangaria Tubumi - Grape comes in a light green 9.4 fl oz aluminum can projecting the image of fresh green grapes.

The liquid is a transparent cornflower color with floating jelly pieces, and smells heavily of floral, peachy white wine with a lychee tone. It tastes of citrus, tart white grape in tandem with peach & lychee, and blossoming white lilies.

In summary, Sangaria Tubumi - Grape:

  • smells of peach white wine with lychee
  • has floating jelly pieces inside
  • tastes of citrus, white grape, peach, lychee, and white lilies

It pairs well with hard white cheeses such as Swiss or Parmesan, so try Sangaria Tubumi Grape today!

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