Sangaria Tubumi - Mango 9.4oz Aluminum Can

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Product Description

Sangaria Tubumi - Mango comes in a 9.4 fl oz can with a clear breakfast-themed label.

The liquid is a peachy mandarin orange with a thick non-bubbly consistency as thick as pear juice without cloudiness. It smells of fruit cocktail with a whisper of jasmine, while offering a medium-thick mouth-feel. It tastes of a fresh puree of strained pear juice, primarily of young mangoes, pear and mandarin orange to provide a round tropical feel.

In summary, Sangaria Tubumi - Mango:

  • smells of fruit cocktail with a whisper of jasmine
  • has a medium-thick mouth-feel
  • tastes of mango, pear, and mandarin orange

It's a nice accompaniment to your breakfast or in your pineapple smoothie, so try Sangaria Tubumi Mango today!

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