Schartner Bombe Zitrone 250ml Glass Bottle

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Schartner Bombe Zitrone comes in a medium dark green 250mL glass bottle with a whimsical label.

A product of Austria, the light corn-colored beverage has virtually no scent except of tart seltzer carbonation. With medium consistency and light carbonation of large bubbles, it has a nice, bold whole lemon flavor without being too sweet. The full flavor has an undertone of mild grapefruit and orange with a few bits of zest inside. This is a gourmet drink for all ages.

In summary, Schartner Bombe Zitrone:

  • smells of tart seltzer carbonation
  • has medium consistency with light carbonation
  • tastes of bold whole lemon with an undertone of grapefruit and orange

It pairs well with clean, dry, rustic vegetables like grilled asparagus. Try Schartner Bombe Zitrone today!

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