Spring Grove Root Beer 12oz Glass Bottle

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Product Description

Spring Grove Root Beer comes in a clear 12 fl oz glass bottle with a clean, white idyllic nature image. The classically early American beverage has plant silhouettes adorning its surface.

Open it and its dark, lightly frothy liquid bubbles actively, doubling its height for seconds. After the light noise of quaint, crisp fast-rising bubbles, you'll smell caramelized, malty cloves in a soft vanilla base accented by a hint of ginger. Taste the opaque, medium body and discover smooth, deep, caramelized, malty, complex molasses over French vanilla characterized by anise and cloves running throughout. This is one that will send you back to a 50s daytime stroll in the park.

In summary, Spring Grove Root Beer:

  • has a nostalgic, classic American design
  • smells of cloves in a soft vanilla base
  • tastes of caramelized molasses over French vanilla with anise and cloves

It pairs well with sandwiches, hopscotch, and any fizzy fun level of activity. Try Spring Grove Root Beer today!

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