Strawberry Kiwi Breese Soda 12oz Glass Bottle

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Product Description

Strawberry Kiwi Breese Soda comes in a clear 12 fl oz glass bottle with cute cartoon strawberry & kiwi characters on its label.

The liquid is a bright, almost fluorescent green apple/kiwi hue, with light carbonation that settles quickly. The scent is of an interactive mixture of syrupy gooseberries over green apple skin, lemon drop, and vodka with an undertone of strawberry and kiwi. It tastes predominately of strawberry with honeydew melon, and a pronounced undercurrent of sweet kiwi lemonade. This is one that's great for all ages.

In summary, Strawberry Kiwi Breese Soda:

  • smells of gooseberries over green apple skin, lemon drop, vodka, strawberry and kiwi
  • has light carbonation
  • tastes pf strawberry, honeydew, and sweet kiwi lemonade

It pairs well with gourmet cheddy brats and mustard, so try Strawberry Kiwi Breese Soda today!

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