Tau Still Spring Water 11oz Glass Bottle

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Product Description

Tau Still Spring Water comes in a clear 11 oz (330 mL) glass bottle produced in the UK. It's bottlecap reads, "Tau" and its white label is a sleek, modern, and classy design reading "Tau" vertically in black font.

Upon opening, it delivers a hint of spring water aroma and presents a soft mouthfeel. Tau Still Spring Water is neutral, with a minimal calcium taste.

In summary, Tau Still Spring Water:

  • has a sleek, modern bottle design
  • has a hint of spring water aroma
  • has a soft, light calcium taste

It's great with any meal you cook up, so order your pack of Tau Still Spring Water today.

Tau Still Spring Water is bottled by Ty Nant Spring Water Ltd., Bethania, Wales, SY23 5LS U.K.

Product Details

Ingredients: -

Nutrition Facts:.Typical Analysis (mg/l). Ca: 30.5, Mg: 12.2, K: 1.2, Na: 21.4, Fe: 0.003, HCO3: 88, Cl: 21, SO4: 28, NO3: <0.1, F: 0.018, Dry residue: @180��C 208, PH: 7.2.

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