Ty Nant Still Spring Water 11oz Blue Glass Bottle

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Product Description

TyNant Still Spring Water comes in an 11 oz (330 mL) blue glass bottle with a blue cap that reads, "Tŷ Nant." It has a sticker label that reads, "Tŷ Nant. Spring Water. Source: Bethania, Wales. Still."

Upon opening, it gives a neutral, clean odor with soft, thin-to-medium viscosity. Ty Nant Still Spring Water's glass bottle keeps a pure, refined taste that is organically soft, hinting slightly of calcium and magnesium.

In summary, Ty Nant Still Spring Water:

  • has an easy grip bottle
  • is bottled at the source
  • tastes organically soft

It pairs well with hard white cheese or grilled fish, so order your pack of Ty Nant Still Spring Water today.

Ty Nant Still Spring Water is bottled at the source by Tŷ Nant Spring Water Ltd., Bethania, Wales, SY23 5LS U.K.

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