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Volvic Natural Spring Water comes in a clear 500 mL (1.05 PT) plastic bottle with cello wrap of natural green scenery and volcano. A product of France, the label reads, "Volvic. Emerges from a Volcanic Ecosystem. Natural Spring Water. 100% Recyclable". Its side states, "During the journey through 6 layers of volcanic rocks, Volvic Natural Spring Water acquires its unique mineral composition: Trachyandesite, Basalt, Puzzolana, Granite", and "Source: Clairvic Spring, Volvic, France. Sustainable development is our priority and over the past decade and a half we have already reduced several times the plastic weight of our bottles and are working to continue to do so. All our bottles are partially made with post-consumer recycled plastic (rPET)." The bottle's back reads, "Volvic emerges from a volcanic ecosystem with a unique balance of minerals. Bottled at the source", and the cap contains the brand's name.

When opened, Volvic Natural Spring Water's scent will remind you of a refreshing morning, and it provides a neutral body when poured. You'll find its taste extremely soft and velvety, as well as lush and dewy.

In summary, Volvic Natural Spring Water:

  • is a product of France
  • emerges from a volcanic ecosystem with a unique balance of minerals
  • has a soft, velvety taste

Perfect for all ages, pair it with fruit for a healthy snack. Order your pack of Volvic Natural Spring Water today.

Volvic is a registered trademark of the Soci��t�� des Eaux de Volvic 2010 St. Volvic; brand of the Danone Group.

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