Waialua Root Beer 12oz Glass Bottle

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Product Description

Waialua Root Beer comes in a tan 12 fl oz glass bottle with a Hawaiian name and hula girl on its label.

The liquid is translucent medium-dark amber with noisy bubbles when poured. The foam rises up, then dissipates, giving off the smell of club soda with heady vanilla and a hint of malt. The taste is light, vicious, and smooth with a slight briskness due to clove and other root herb flavors. It has warm, sweet sarsaparilla, vanilla, cloves, and a light low note of ginger. This is a smooth effervescence that is gently sweet.

In summary, Waialua Root Beer:

  • smells of club soda with vanilla and malt
  • has noisy bubbles that dissipate
  • tastes of sarsaparilla, vanilla, cloves, and a light note of ginger

It pairs well with Hawaiian BBQ pizza, so try Waialua Root Beer today!

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